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At Seen, we are committed to a vision in which people reach the confidence and security of standing on firm financial ground. We strive to ensure that both our team and customers feel heard, wanted, and seen.

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Seen provides people with fair access to credit to transform their financial prospects for the better. We're looking for people as excited as we are about making a difference.

We stand by our values

People matter most.

We recognize that safe spaces don’t grow themselves. We cultivate community by connecting with each other on an interpersonal level because we believe that we’re stronger together.

Diversity and inclusion is lifelong work.

We believe that fostering an environment where differences are celebrated and all team members feel valued is constant and ongoing.

The best idea wins on an equitable playing field.

We believe that the best idea can come from anyone. We’re committed to creating a welcoming environment so that every voice is heard.

Keep the ball moving.

We answer every challenge with an innovative solution. We emphasize continuous learning so that our business stays limber, inspired and cutting-edge.

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We build the core credit management platform that our customers use daily. Our teams collaborate to design and deliver features from idea to execution, testing, and release.

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We were founded on a promise to improve the lives of the customers we serve. Discover our story and why we’re so committed to our mission.